Play the Game Publishes the First-Ever Sport Governance Report of Indonesia

Play the Game/ Danish Institute for Sports Studies has just released its flagship National Sports Governance Observer 2 with Indonesia’s sport-governance report included among 15 benchmarked countries across continents. Ganesport Institute partnered with Play the Game in accomplishing the project.

Surveying nine national sports federations in Indonesia, the report found the overall score of 28 percent, implying the country’s sports sector is still in early developing phase. According to the report, Indonesia was in the third-lowest performing countries in terms of sports governance among other countries, indicating that good sports governance is relatively new in the Southeast Asia’s largest country by population.

“However, there’s still a silverlining in the report, that says internal accountability among Indonesia’s national sports federations is fair enough, albeit there’s a huge room for improvement,” Ganesport director Amal Ganesha said on Wednesday (24/11/2021).

According to the Indonesia’s report, the poorest aspect of sports governance among national sports organisations is transparency.

“Transparency is very unpopular within sports organisations in Indonesia as they deem not important compared to other things such as winning gold medals in the Olympics,” Amal said.

Nine samples of observed sports federations in the report are the Indonesia National Sports Committee (KONI), the National Olympic Committee of Indonesia (KOI) and national sports federations of football, swimming, athletics, badminton, handball, tennis and basketball. Of these organisations, Amal believes KOI and the basketball federation have the most excellent scores of sports governance.

“You can see it clearly that KOI and Perbasi have the highest performing governances within their organisations, probably because they’ve been historically led by business professionals,” he said. “However, you can’t say that they’ve already implemented good governance inside their organisations. I am sure that sports governance is still new in Indonesia’s sports sector,” he added.

Good governance in the sports sector is considered important in the more developed countries with advanced sports ecosystems. You can read the full report of Play the Game‘s National Sports Governance Observer 2 by clicking Here.

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