Ganesport Teams Up With Idan to Hold a First-Ever Governance Research in Indonesia

Ganesport Institute, Indonesia’s first think-tank in sport policy and management, is undertaking a first-ever research about governance in Indonesia’s sporting landscape, teaming up with the Danish Institute for Sports Studies, or Idan.

Idan, who’s merged with international sport conference initiative Play the Game, invited Ganesport in October to come to Colorado, United States to share a study about leadership at football association which had been initially released in Jakarta in July.

Idan/ Play the Game’s flagship measures called the National Sports Governance Observer (NSGO) for the first time will be conducted in Indonesia, assessing how far the country’s sport federations have reckoned good governance theories and principles.

“Play the Game has for a long time been promoting good governance in sport and we share the same interest about it. We believe that good governance contributes to how well a country excels in sport, as it’s also backed by a reliable research,” Amal Ganesha, co-founder and director of Ganesport Institute, said on Friday (07/02/2020).

“We’re really excited about the project,” he added.

The NSGO has given impact in other countries with Poland, Brazil, Belgium, the Netherlands and Cyprus having reportedly been influenced by the measures, which inspired their lawmakers to create new legislations that adhere good sport-governance.

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