Splas Goes to Popular Jalak Harupat Stadium

Splas FC made a trip to the Jalak Harupat Stadium, in Bandung, West Java, on Saturday (03/12/2016), playing exhibition matches with local football boots collector group FBI Bandung.

With total nine matches being undertaken, Splas, which brought three teams on the day, recorded four wins, one draw and four defeats in total.

Splas, a community based football club named after an extracurricular activity at 14 senior high school in Jakarta, broke a perfect result from its elite team with three wins 1-0, 1-0 and 4-1 against the Bandung’s side. Winger Ardyan “Acil” Prasetya sparkled after scoring three goals, including his late crucial goal in the second match. While midfielder Hardi Ananda Suyuti showed indispensable role in the team with his tenacious pass and move, eventually breaking the deadlock with a mesmerizing lob finish in the first match.

Furthermore, the Splas B team recorded one win and two defeats against the FBI. While Splas C team suffered two defeats and one draw.

“I’m glad with our first stadium visit to Bandung. We expected to play more at monumental stadiums in the country,” Splas chairman Muammar Khadafi told Ganesport Foundation.

Jalak Harupat has been frequently used as home base of Persib Bandung, an Indonesian elite football club who won the 2014 Indonesia’s super league.

Splas has been supporting our social causes by attaching Ganesport’s logo on its jersey.

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