Ganesport Institute

Ganesport Institute, the Indonesia’s first think-tank in sport policy and management, comprises scholars who mostly have earned degree in sport studies from both local and overseas universities.

Currently, its analysts and researchers work by making regular discussions related to sport development, policy and management aiming at provisioning awareness and insights for Indonesia’s sport stakeholders by raising concerns and publishing empirical studies through the media.

Our thoughts and presence have been many times exposed in national top newspapers as well as online media.

Fellows at Ganesport Institute are as follows:

  • Amal Ganesha, Master of Science in Sport Management from Coventry University – Director.
  • Arizka Warganegara, PhD in Political Geography from Leeds University – Senior Policy Analyst.
  • Defary Glenniza, Master of Sport Science from Institut Teknologi Bandung – Research Associate.
  • Rimba Supriatna, Master of Law from Universitas Indonesia – Sport Law Analyst.
  • Ahmad Mikail, Master of Economics from International Islamic University Malaysia – Sport Economics Analyst.


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23.08.2020 – Working Paper – ‘What Makes a Good Sport Leader: Lessons from Investigating Ideal Leadership for Indonesian Football’ – ENG

17.07.2019 – Press Release – ‘Chairman of a Football Association Must be Independent, Far Away from Politics and Having Integrity: Experts’ – IDN ENG

23.01.2019 – Press Release – ‘Dibutuhkan Komite Tetap untuk Tangani Korupsi di Olahraga, Bukan Ad-Hoc’ – IDN

08.01.2019 – Press Release – ‘PSSI Perlu Pengawasan Secara Eksternal’