Dhita Larasati

Dhita Larasati is the Non-Executive Director for Operations for Ganesport Foundation. She holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from University of Indonesia and a Masters degree in Development Economics from University of Manchester. Her long time aspiration is to deliver a direct impact on poverty eradication and youth development. She currently works as a Senior Business Consultant for an Australian Aid project, aiming to deliver market solutions to improve the livelihood of poor farmers in Eastern Indonesia.

Dhita believes that doing sports and being involved in sports community do not only provide physical and mental health, but also positive social inclusion and social capital. In her free time, she enjoys doing physical activities such as running, muay thai, and high-intensity interval trainings (HIIT). Her favorite football club is Inter Milan, and Javier Zanetti is her all-time favorite football player. She can be reached on her twitter account, @dhitalarasati.