Program Sejuta Pelatih (One Million Coaches Program), or PSP, is a newly-designed product of Ganesport Foundation aimed to increase quality and quantity of Indonesian sport coaches, expected to kick off in early 2020, but had to be postponed due to the novel coronavirus crisis.

The program will give scholarships to potential and talented sport coaches across the country to get proper and reliable coaching certifications after meeting our selection criteria, regardless their socio-economic and geographical backgrounds. What we want to see is that our coaching education scholarships will benefit the recipients and the others.

In its initial endeavor, the PSP is partnering with the Indonesian Professional Footballers Association (APPI) to select certain candidates suitable for the scholarships, aside Ganesport’s own effort to grant scholarships for excellent football coaches at grassroots level.

That first batch of PSP scholarship recipients will have to thank to Bank Negara Indonesia and Jamkrindo, two well-established state-owned companies who have backed the program.

In the long-term, PSP will not only grant scholarships of coaching education in football, but also in other varied sport disciplines.

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