Galih: Let the game be the teacher

Ganesport held Valentine’s coaching session on Sunday (14/02/2016).

As the valentine’s day occurred, Galih Andhika was acting as Head Coach to lead the session in bright sunny morning in Rawa Semut, Bekasi, West Java.

Galih is a part-time futsal and football coach with significant experience in adult coaching. He lives in Tangerang and gave us voluntary work to support Ganesport and RSC Football.

One method from Galih is to deliver fun and enjoying session to the kids, as he stated: “Teaching football for kids is different. They do not like boring session, they always want to hold the ball as much as they can.”

Indeed, when delivering football session to kids, just make sure they love our session otherwise they won’t come back!

“My method is about delivering game, game, and game. They love games. In every purpose we want make, we should always make it in a game, let the game teaches them,” said Galih.

The session was successfully held without rains –it has been heavy rains recently–, in fact they were sweating a lot while we took two hours session started from 8 AM.

RSC Football is one of Ganesport projects, delivered as an action to support the community through football. We do need more volunteers who have skills in Video Journalism and live in Greater Jakarta area. Please give a mail to if you are interested.

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