GANESPORT SCIENCE: Endorphin & Sport

The connection between endorphin and sport has been researched in various studies.

One of relevant studies is from the book called The Miracle of Endorphin by a Japanese Doctor, Shigeo Haruyama.

Dr. Shigeo stated on his book that there is a hormone in human body which can give effect more powerful than morphine, it is called the beta endorphin. Beta endorphin is a powerful hormone that is needed by all humans, which can produce happiness, calmness, and anesthetic effect. The latter is a feeling of pain reliever, one of which we can feel with anesthetic substance.

Endorphin cannot be produced all the time, it is ordered by natural circumstances. One significant stimulus to produce endorphin is via sport, as said by Dr. Shigeo. But, he warned us to be careful about sport, because if we do sport excessively, it only creates bad oxygen, a condition in which we depress our health.

A good sport/ exercise, said Dr. Shigeo is a planned schedule with approximately 30 minutes of doing sport per day. The more regular, the better it is. He also recommends to have 5,000 steps a day if you do not have time to play sport.

Sport for non-athlete is better to be considered as ‘fun sport’, and its best effect will come up more if we do ‘group sport’ as well. Competitive sport is good for the youth, but it will be harmful for the eldest. So, be wise about your sport!

Besides sport, Dr. Shigeo also hints another activity to produce beta endorphin, which are meditation, a good diet, and helping people. The latter means if a person works with intention to help people/ others, then the beta endorphin will be released, as it’s proved by Dr. Shigeo. Indeed, we are created to move and help others!

If you come to work and giving its best, and you have intention that your earnings are for helping others, then it is very good for your body.
Dr. Shigeo Haruyama

At last, Ganesport just want to suggest, the best sport for community is a group sport with fun and non-competitive environment with planned schedule and at its cheapest price! Get your schedule now!

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