First B.O.D. Meeting

Ganesport BOD first meeting was conducted yesterday as the foundation has held legal status.

Ganesport Foundation (Yayasan Ganesport) has held official legal status from the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights with SK Menteri no. AHU-0031669.AH.01.12.Year of 2015 as per 16 December 2015.

Addressing that milestone, Board of Directors (BOD) conducted the first meeting yesterday to set up governance system for Ganesport in short-term, mid-term and long-term plan. The meeting was proceeded for five hours, discussing various aspects in the organisation, including decisions about given and planned projects.

At one moment of the meeting, Berkah Manurung, the Secretary, gave a statement to other members.

“We should address the potential of mass interest in all sport, not just football. And our projects should give solutions for the society,” said Berkah.

From the meeting, BOD agreed to conduct first start on 1st January 2016, on which they will provide coaching session to Rawa Semut Community Football in Bekasi area.

To meet and know our BOD, you can click here.

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