Cibubur Soccer Community (CSC) Indonesia was initially founded as a football school based in Cibubur, East Jakarta, before it has been moved to Pondok Gede, West Java. However they did not have intention to change the name and will remain as it is.

The story of CSC Indonesia began when the main sponsor and the founder’s company became insolvent so then they couldn’t afford its budget. The case became worst as the founder moved away to Czech Republic for a new job. The football school apparently became abandoned and has been struggling to meet day to day expenses. Only two coaches remain and work with unpaid basis, while other coaches gradually left CSC due to financial reasons. The two heroes are Heru Chaerudin and Djoko Hardijanto who both have been acting as coaches, administrators and owners. They’ve made much efforts to save the school since it faced shortage of coaches.

Football lovers must thank their efforts as CSC itself consists of more than 30 members who are still actively practicing.

CSC has two teams at the moment, U12 and U18. Its youngest member is identified aged five years old.

Ganesport Foundation found out their problems and will support them in any kind of forms. The support will be much long-term providing coaches, coaching guideline, equipment and footballs. We also advise them to transform their model to become community football: Everybody can join the club without hesitation about money!

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