Anna flies to see Ganesport’s activity

We had a guest from Europe last Saturday (02/04/2016) in RSC Football’s regular training session.

Anna De Gaetano, came from Malta to Indonesia and saw energetic kids in Bekasi area, Jawa Barat.

The Polish-born citizen had ever stayed in Indonesia back in 2009. She lives and works in Malta delivering projects related to development in developing countries all across the globe.

Anna was very thrilled to see any activity that is regarding Development issue, as she holds Masters in Development Studies and International Relations both from Poland and UK universities.

“They (kids) are so energetic,” Anna said.

“They might be very happy with things you have done,” Anna told us.

“I have once spotted the social skills of them are incredible. They are still young, but they know how to work together, as seen from a simple thing like moving the woodwork jointly. That was amazing.”

Anna also concerns about physical activities which have become unfavorable in this era of advanced technology, especially for the kids and their mental health.

“When I was a kid, I really like to play outdoor,” Anna continued.

Well, so do we in Indonesia! Indonesian kids before 2000’s used to play Gobak Sodor, Galaksi, Main Karet, Petak Umpet (seek and hide), etc.

“And today, kids are no longer playing outdoor and do physical activities, they are now are engaged more to technology like smartphone, tablet, ipod, etc. It is very dangerous if their parents can’t balance with physical education,” Anna lectured us.

We all in Ganesport agree with Anna, and that’s why we encourage people to be sweating a lot by doing any kind of sport. Grassroot sport is our concern.

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