Irman: These kids have eagerness to learn

RSC Football was given football session by Ganesport on Sunday morning (7/2/2016).

Irman Jayawardhana was in charged as Head Coach on Sunday session for U15 RSC Football, along with two other Assistant Coaches. The session was running for two hours –commenced on 8 AM in Bekasi.

Irman, who came along the way from Lebak Bulus in which 10 kilometers away from Bekasi, stated that he is very happy with the eagerness and passion from the kids.

“That’s why I am always happy to deliver football coaching to children, they are very passionate about everything, and they really want to learn,” said Irman.

The youngest kid was Riandi –9 years old–, is sitting in 5th grade elementary school and having that spirit to learn football.

“I use to train other football teams, but for this, is different. We came to this place with intention to help and I want it regularly as my action for the community,” Irman continued.

Other coaches —Yuan Achda Arbinery and Abimanyu Bimantoro–, was assisting Irman delivering session which was deemed ‘different’ by the kids. They (kids) were responding that the whole training method was unique when the coaches did last debrief.

Yuan, who came along the way from Depok, stated: “This has been my concern in all my life. Grassroot football is my concern. Thanks to Ganesport for realising this idea.”

All the coaches were doing voluntary works as an action to support the society.

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