About 22 young footballers was trained in a marginal football community, called Rawa Semut Community (RSC) Football on 1 January 2016.

The first project of Ganesport in the New Year of 2016, RSC Football project was executed in part of our program Ganesport 2034 Vision and Kick The Ball.

RSC Football had had no coaches before, and Ganesport intends to help them. The session was led by Amal Ganesha and Irman Jayawardhana as the coaches, who both hold the coaching licence from The FA England.

It took two hours of the session in which it is conducted on the pitch around Rawa Semut, Bekasi. The participants were sweating a lot, while the coaches were happy to deliver free quality football coaching.

Irman, who was coming along the way from Ciputat, stated: “It is pleasure to train children. I’ve always intended to see our footballers play a good football someday.”

This project will be lengthened as it takes months to give basic/foundation football skills for the players.

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