MIPA Football Went Through Next Stage

MIPA Football team won a tight game 1-0 against Law Faculty in UI Olympics 2015 and went through to the next stage.

The format of this year competition is play-offs, so then all the participants are given no choice but win!

MIPA Football became our partner and displaying Ganesport logo on their jersey as an action to support the society. It was a tough game yesterday (5/11/2015) at Stadion Universitas Indonesia, of which the opposition gave hard challenge for the MIPA boys.

There were lots of chances to score, but no sides created a goal until a moment from The Blues in late minutes of the game. It was a long-pass from a midfield player and the ball went through the box of Law team, the striker of The Blues suddenly appeared and made a little touch to push the ball come into the net. 1-0 to MIPA!

That scoreline was not changed until the game finished and The Blues was in jubilee while they got back home.

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